We at J's Tire take pride in understanding the landscape of today's vehicle market.  With
increasingly advancing technologies and improved engineering, vehicles today are lasting
much longer than those in years past.  With an increasing variety of makes and models on
the road, we understand that a broader knowledge base as well as a wider span of
products and services are required to service those vehicles.  We offer an array of
services to meet our customers' needs which include the following:
Tune Ups
Rebuilt Transmissions
Oil Changes
Rebuilt Motors
Air Condition Servicing
Front-End Alignments
Radiator Flush
Transmission Flush
Charging Systems
Custom Exhausts
We not only leverage our years of experience to service your
vehicle, but also the latest automotive technologies available.  Our
front-end alignments employ such a technology with our Digital
Imaging Wheel Alignment machine.  You can trust that your vehicle
is being aligned with the standard of computerized precision.
Above picture displays the Hunter DSP 600 Digital
Imaging Wheel Alignment machine.  This model is
used to align vehicles here at J's Tire.
John Rodriguez
Store Manager
Tom Stasko
Service Manager
Trust us to properly mount and dismount your tires.  Tire mounting is a job best left to
those who have the experience and equipment necessary to do so.  Our Hunter TCX500
Tire Changer saves you the risk of potential injury and preserves the integrity of both the
tire and wheel.
Above picture displays the Hunter
TCX500 Tire Changer.  This model
ensures that all tires here at J's Tire
are properly mounted.
Tire Mounting
J's Tire Prices on Services
Oil, Lube, & Filter
(Up to 5 qt)
Tire Repair
Oil, Lube, & Filter
(6 qt)
Tire Repair
(Light Truck)
Oil, Lube, & Filter
(7 qt)
Shop Rate
Off & On
Wheel Balance
Tire Rotation
(No Charge if our tires)
Alignment Prices
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Alignment
(4 wheel)
We Make Service Calls!
Call us at (815) 673-3381